7 Days and Evenings
Best time: Sat/Sun 4-9pm
Mon/Tue 8am-8pm

To minimize travel cost for remote Southern California clients, Peter can arrange to use Metrolink, AMTRAK, MTA etc. that serve those areas.



"We had our Feng Shui consultation with Peter just a few days ago, and I am excited to see how everything unfolds for us for the new year ahead. He is very knowledgeable and studied. He also has great intuition and taught me a few basic but effective things I will utilize in moving forward. He was here for 2 hours and covered a lot of territory. He patiently walked through the entire house and gave his expert analysis. If there were any challenging areas that couldn't be changed, he offered great alternatives to make the shifts easier. He left me with a folder full of helpful information that he also covered in our session. Overall, I am very impressed and excited to start implementing his suggestions! Thanks, Peter!"

Tatiana_Turan_-_photo Peter_with_Tatiana_Turan

Tatiana Turan
Actress with  appearances on NCIS, Tuckers war, Twisted sisters, Married with secrets, The Young and the Restless   
Dancer / Choreographer / Bling Divas with appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tonight with Jay Leno 


"Wishing you health and joy always Best Wishes."

Devon Aoki – Model / actress
Fast and Furious Part 2 and others

Consulted with Peter in August 2012 re remodeling at her mansion.







"We consulted with Peter twice. We found him extremely knowledgeable and intelligent about the application of Feng Shui as well as offering incredibly practical (i.e., easy, feasible) suggestions. We were looking to buy a house and first met with Peter remotely online for an initial Feng Shui class as we continued our home search. Peter was very generous with providing helpful learning materials and answering ALL of our many specific questions. We then met with Peter in person after we purchased our house, using the advice Peter previously provided, of course. He provided specific information for us based on our background and the details of the house. Again, Peter was very helpful in offering easy to understand suggestions and explanations on maximizing the comfort an livability of our house. It was very easy to communicate with Peter to set appointments. He does a lot of work in advance of the consultations so that when we met he was ready to go with his customized advice. I cannot imagine a better Feng Shui consultant to work with. Peter is very professional and personable to boot. We really enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing so again in the near future."

Edward Chi – Professor at Cerritos College


"I am very pleased to be a clients of Feng Shui expert Peter Wai Lam."

Edgardo Quintanilla – Attorney at Law, Sherman Oaks



"I hired Peter Wai Lam for Feng Shui advice for my business & home, Peter is very knowledgeable. I found that I was being resistant at first....then got off it...I took his advice and made the changes in my office....Wow instant change to how it felt in the space. There is no doubt in my mind, if you make the changes you will feel it....I plan to bring Peter back once all the changes are made. Peter, thank you for taking a stand on changes regarding my back to the window, what a difference the space feels now."

Niki L - Sherman Oaks, CA

"I hired Peter Wai Lam for Feng Shui advice in a house in Hacienda Heights. The house was on the market for a few months and we had trouble selling it in a highly Asian populated area. I was very pleased to get all the advise we could use in order to make the house Feng Shui compatible. Sure enough, a few weeks after Peter advised us on what to do, we sold the house."

Oscar Barragan - Prudential Realty – Whittier, CA

"Since our consultation with Peter a few months ago, we've already seen improvements in wealth, prosperity and harmony in our family."

James N. - San Jacinto, CA

"I was very pleased with Peter's Feng Shui service as I was able to find out how spending more time at different areas of the house can help to achieve wealth, health, prosperity, career and other things. I enjoyed spending time with him because he's very cordial, well mannered, well trained and highly experienced. I was particularly impressed with his origin from China. I would recommend him to everyone who want to use Feng Shui to bring harmony and balance back into their homes."

Rebbie S. - Coto de Caza, CA

"Since our consultation with Peter a few months ago, we've already seen improvements in wealth, Peter spent more than four hours with me and my family as he thoroughly went over every room in the house. He was very patient, confident and knowledgeable in Feng Shui. I definitely recommend him."

Sissy H - Santa Barbara, CA

Be sure to also read the special article in the October 2012 issue of the Vision Magazine named East Meets West: Feng Shui in the Modern World – A conversation with Peter Wai Lam – written by Sidney Murray. Google: peter wai lam vision magazine.

"I've been studying Feng Shui because it's a subject that has always intrigued me. During the consultation with Peter, I was very impressed with his in-depth knowledge of trigrams, elements, colors, annual numbers and other technical topics covered in the book I was reading. I was especially pleased with the way he streamlined those information in the form of a report package the he left with me to go over later."

Sarah B. - Camarillo, CA

"As soon as I spoke with Peter, I was able to tell that he's very well versed in Feng Shui due to the Chinese culture he was brought up in. I was very pleased with his services."

Ken S. - Victorville, CA