7 Days and Evenings
Best time: Sat/Sun 4-9pm
Mon/Tue 8am-8pm

To minimize travel cost for remote Southern California clients, Peter can arrange to use Metrolink, AMTRAK, MTA etc. that serve those areas.


Feng Shui Consultation Services

Our Feng Shui Consultation services include the following:

  • Room-by-room evaluation of individual occupants' compatibility with the rooms at their dwellings or businesses as well as proper sitting and sleeping directions based on their birth dates and personal objectives.
  • Analysis of building types/prosperity correlation based on the year built.
  • Balancing of Ying/Yang and energy flow for improved health and harmony at the dwellings or businesses.
  • Providing of remedies for properties afflicted with odd shapes, slants, ceiling beams, cul-de-sac, vehicular traffic, high ceilings, L-shape, water drainage at challenge areas etc.
  • Furniture and appliances selection and placement based on Feng Shui criterion.
  • Selection of auspicious dates for important occasions as well as Feng Shui compliant colors and shapes for buildings, vehicles etc.
  • Potential companions compatibility analysis based on birth dates.
  • De-cluttering recommendations

Feng Shui Related Supplemental Services

For an additional nominal fee, Peter may be able to include the following supplemental services as part of your Feng Shui consultation:

  • Space cleansing of negative energy at your residence and/or business with the use of salt, sage, incense, lights, sound (and rice if needed).

Learn China Customs and Etiquette

Private or group orientation include the following topics:

  • Business protocol and etiquette
  • Social etiquette
  • Dress code and demeanor
  • Understanding China

Special discounts:

  • Package discounts can be arranged if combined with Peter’s Feng Shui consultation services.
  • Major seasonal discounts for the following periods:
    • June thru August
    • October thru December